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The Consultation

Step #1: The Consultation to Case Plan
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2) Schedule a FREE 10-Minute Chat
3) Sign Paperwork
4) Pay Retainer

We offer free 10-minute phone consultation during regular business hours at (386) 761-5540. If you can't talk between those hours, fill out our easy to use Consultation Form. We will schedule your consultation at a time that is best for you.

Please note: we don't take cases from clients who only email. We must talk on the phone first, then decide the course of action. Once you sign a Professional Services Contract and we've received all paperwork signed and a retainer, then we will schedule your case. Some cases we don't work unless you have an attorney on record. Every case is different. Each service we offer is tailored to obtain the best results attainable, or whether you even need the services of an investigator.

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Type of Case

Step #2: The Choice of Investigative Services -
We offer many types of services, and frankly there are too many names associated with similar services. Please find the keywords below and we can explain them further during your free consultation.

The Investigation

Step #3: The Case -  All case assignments are done with personal customer service. In our experience, we have found activity checks and preliminary research are two of the most important means to begin a successful investigation.

Surveillance & covert operations are the heart of our business. We work within the law and carefully setup our surveillance teams to establish ethical methods of operation. We utilize a combination of legal searches before we leave the office and use various investigative techniques to get our results.

What makes us different? All background investigation results (not checks) are verified in person. During your case we send reports directly to you or your attorney, along with daily verbal or emailed updates. Written reports are delivered, either on case assessment day, or within 24-hours of completion of case. We deliver DVD, TD or CDV, Thumbdrive or Portal of case files. We provide clients the fastest, most reliable results possible without jeopardizing case operations. We don't accept all case assignments.